Hangzhou Xingguan Machinery Co., Ltd

About Us
Hangzhou Xingguan is focus on wire machinery manufacturing for over 20 years in China. Nowadays we have become one of the leading supplier of wire machinery industry in China. We provide machinery for wire production like high carbon,Website:http://www.wiremachinetech.com, low carbon, middle carbon steel wire, MIG wire, SAW wire, Flux cored wire, Zinc and Zinc alloys wire, aluminum and aluminum alloys wire etc. Hangzhou Xingguan is located in Tonglu county, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province, China, which is 300 kilometers from Shanghai city. Our product line includes the following: High carbon, middle carbon, low carbon steel wire dry drawing machine Wet drawing machine for steel wire, aluminum wire and alloys wire Spooling and re-spooling machine for wire production Wire preparation line GI wire, spring wire, nail wire, barbed wire production line MIG wire, SAW wire, Flux cored wire production line
Products and services
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